CCL Turtle Friendly Lighting Solid Brass


The CCL Turtle Friendly Lighting in Solid Brass  basically describes the light…Turtle Friendly!

Turtle nesting season is May 1st through October 31st, so in different parts of the Country, people are asked to shield their lights so that they are not visible from anywhere on the beach.  This is also known as Beach-side shielding.

Casts light down and away from hatching turtles view, but still providing safe paths for walking.

100% Solid Brass for coastal areas

Handmade in the USA

This will patina with time and climate

Solid Brass Mounting Hardware

UL Listed

Overall Dimensions:  8″High x 5″Wide x 7.75″Deep

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Dear Craig & Debra,

Thanks for the custom work!! More to come next year.

- Blake Chatham, Massachusetts