CCL9251 Old Harbor H-Rod


This CCL9251 Old Harbor H-Rod Wall Lantern has a closed bottom, a door, a glass chimney, and can accommodate one Medium Base Bulb. It is pictured here in Antique Copper with Clear Glass. A very popular lantern to use on one’s home on either side of front door and garage. Other sizes are available, and even a coordinating lantern for one’s lamppost!

Mounting Area: 7.5”W x 10” H
Mounting Height: 13.5” from Center of J-Box to Top of Lantern
Overall Dimensions: 20″H x 9″W x 9.75″D
Suitable Location: Wet

  • Handcrafted in New England.
  • Workmanship guaranteed.
  • UL Listed.
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February 3, 2008

Thanks Debbie,

All of the lights are lovely!
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- S.D. Ringoes, N.J.