Onion Post Lanterns

The origins of the Onion lanterns date back to the whaling ships and fishing vessels of years gone by. The name “onion lantern” came about because of the shape of the glass.

The onion glass is a hand-blown globe, and casts a lot of light all around! Very popular in seaside areas,especially on Cape Cod! Folks in different parts of the country are now  using them both inside and outside on many home styles because of the amount of light they show, as well as the uniqueness of this lantern.

The onion lights are commonly used outdoors near one’s front door, side doors, decks, porch areas, pool areas, walkways, and lining one’s driveway.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Onion Lanterns come apart with thumb screws for ease in cleaning of the glass and replacement of light bulb.

The onion lanterns are not lacquered so will darken and weather to a beautiful natural patina!

Our lights are UL Listed.

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Showing all 7 results