CCL105 Barn Sconce


This CCL105 Barn Sconce is similar to what some of the first lighting was like in Colonial Days. The Barn Sconce accommodates one 60 Watt candelabra bulb. Pictured here in Antique Brass it will naturally darken to a beautiful patina. Often seen in hallways, dining areas, living rooms, and bedrooms, it casts a beautiful warm glow in one’s space, which is both comforting and inviting.

Mounting Area: 8” High x 4.5” Wide
Mounting Height: 6.5” from center of the J-Box to top of the sconce.
Overall Dimensions: 11H x 4W x 2.75D
Suitable Location: Dry

  • UL Listed.
  • Workmanship guaranteed.
  • Handcrafted in New England.
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September 28, 2011

Good Morning Debbie.
The lanterns are fabulous!


- B.B. Albany, NY