CCL5633 Concord Post Lantern


This CCL5633 Concord Post Lantern accommodates one 75 Watt standard Medium Base bulb. It is pictured here in Antique Brass with Clear Glass. The post collar is a standard 3” and will fit most lampposts.

This Lantern Style dates back to the eighteenth century with its handcrafted graceful elegance.

Really attractive on a post, this lantern is inviting when guests arrive at the end of a driveway, along a driveway, near a walkway, or near a garden.

Overall Dimensions: 23H x 9.25W x 9.25D
Suitable Location: Wet

  • Workmanship guaranteed.
  • UL Listed.
  • Handcrafted in New England.
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April 15, 1999

Dear Craig,

Just a short note to thank you and S. Wilder for another year of terrific service! The quality and beauty of the lamps you sent us is, as always, first rate.

After may years of service from S. Wilder, it was a surprise when the previous owner informed us that he was turning over the reins to another. My concerns however were immediately assuaged when you took the time to travel here and introduce yourself as the new owner of the company. The sheer volume of renovations that we have undertaken this year has certainly put a great deal of demands on you, given the short time we allowed you to produce such a volume of fixtures. We certainly appreciate your willingness to work around our tight schedules.

I look forward to many years of continued service from S. Wilder, and all the best with the continued growth of your company.

- Anthony Fife, Interior Designer